About Us

Coreators is a Toronto-based non-profit organization founded in 2015 with a vision to discover and nurture what they call the founders of multiculturalism in Canada.

Coreators started with an envision to fulfill such vision by building a community of creative individuals where they can find an environment to proactively nurture their creativity while garnering a supportive audience through both individual and collective production and exhibition of their living, education, career and works.

Coreators believes that ‘Person’ is culture itself rather than a component of culture. We believe that promoting each individual’s successful settlement and joyful journey in Canada will eventually the healtiest way to settle our culture in Canada.


Coreators promotes the settlement and the development of diverse cultural groups and individuals in living, education, career and entertainment in Canada as a first priority to pursue the coexistence and development of multiculturalism.

Our unique pathways and programs focus on supporting international students and immigrants, working with universities, major institutions and businesses to promote continued multi-ethnic entry into Canada as a major part of Canadian culture.

The main purpose of this is to establish a human infrastructure that can lead the future generations of people belonging to multi-ethnic culture to settle in Canada.

Coreators diligently work with various organizations and associations to provide opportunities for personal development as well as direct exposure to unique Canadian culture through events, programs and lectures. 

We believe that such activities can make a significant contribution to the unity and the development of multiculture in Canada.